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Jl. Raya Mantup
Jawa Timur, 62282

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 Well-established relationships with renowned designers enable Q-Works to draw on vast external design expertise and collaborate with clients on the development of products from the start to the end of the product life cycle. Q-Works offers a unique value proposition in

Wood & metal furniture development

Wood & metal furniture production

Cross-border logistics management expertise.

There are presently very few viable alternatives when it comes to OEM manufacturing of non-wood furniture outside China. The better alternatives outside China are owned by companies that first and foremost are focused on the development of their own brand. This inadvertently leads to conflicts of interest and unrealistic pricing to 3rd party clients. Q-Works - through unmatched technical know-how and a high level of automation - is a quality conscious and cost effective alternative to manufacturing in China. Access to plantation teak and skilled people with a century-old tradition of hand craft and weaving made Indonesia the obvious choice.

Significant investments allow us to produce stainless steel, aluminium and upholstered furniture. In addition, we have basic wood working capabilities that allow us to prototype wood items and purchase-in semi-finished wood components and finish these off in-house for integration with non-wood sub-assemblies.

Our tools may have changed since the first family workshop opened several generations ago, but our skills and passion remain unmatched.

We place emphasis on technologies that are cost effective, yet create value. We believe that cost is an important consideration, not just at the manufacturing stage, but as an integral part of the design and product development process. This means that our clients get the best possible quality, for the best possible value.

Cost and price-wise we are positioned in line with the better Chinese factories, but offer a higher quality and service.

 We use only wood from sustainably managed forests.





Teak’s dense nature, high content of silica and oils makes it hardwearing and naturally resistant to rot and impervious to insects. Teak is one of only a few tropical hardwoods that can be successfully grown in plantations.

Our teak wood is sourced exclusively from certified government-owned plantations in Indonesian. The plantations are the single largest source of employment in Indonesia. Teak is grown like any other crop, where harvesting and re-planting is done in unison to ensure the plantations, which were first established in the late 1800’s, will remain a renewable source of income for future generations.

Each teak log is carefully selected with the aim that all the teak wood used must originate from slow-grown mature trees. In the conversion into furniture components, virtually nothing is wasted. Shavings and saw dust are either recycled into agricultural products or converted into incense sticks for use at places of worship, while offcuts are burnt to generate energy.

The uniform colour of our teak wood is achieved through careful selection, not manipulation with chemicals such as bleaches and stains. This ensures that when left untreated, the wood will over time develop a natural silver grey patina.


We use industry standard AISI304 grade stainless steel. Tubular sections are formed from sheets that have been pickled and passivated to ensure the metal is free of contaminants that may otherwise result in corrosion. Each frame is welded by hand, and each weld individually pickled. The completed frames are satin finished by hand to ensure a consistent and smooth finish.

When exposed to atmospheric air, stainless steel forms a natural passive layer that protects the base metal from corrosion. In corrosive environment such as the salt-laden air near coastal settings, airborne contaminants can disturb the protective passive layer. This will manifest itself as a light brown tarnishing, often referred to as “tea staining”. This tarnishing has no impact on the performance of the metal and can be minimised by cleaning the furniture regularly with a mild soapy solution, preferably applied with a light abrasive such as 3M Scotchbrite. We recommend the use of coated stainless or coated aluminium furniture for coastal settings where a minimum of cleaning is of importance.


The raw material required for aluminium is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. Aluminium’s low weight to strength ratio makes it ideal for outdoor furniture. We used a multitude of alloys and a combination of die cast and extruded components.

The frames are welded by hand using essentially the same technique used for airplanes and rugged downhill mountain bikes. The finished frames are pre-treated, then powder coated. The pre-treatment ensures excellent coating adhesion and eliminates the risk of large scale coating failure that would otherwise be the result of moisture reaching the base metal through scratches in the coating that will occur in everyday use.




Its ability to withstand the elements and its unique hardwearing and scratch-resistant nature makes ceramic an excellent choice for an attractive, yet low-maintenance table top.










hdpe wicker black 818 x 448 px.jpg

All our wickers are man-made, colourfast, UV resistance and recyclable. We use two types of man-made wicker; extruded high-density polyethylene (PE) and a braided polypropylene (PP) rope. The wicking properties of polypropylene ensures that the rope, despite its fabric feel will dry quickly after a downpour.

Regardless of the wicker used, its application onto any given frame is done by skilled craftsmen. A craft that has been passed on through several generations of skilled weavers.









We source our slings from reputable suppliers. Stock colours are Sunbrella, Phifertex and Sunproof fabrics and range from traditional polyester reinforced PCV to the softer touch of blended acrylic and PVC slings.